Pellowe Reef

Pellowe Reef Map

Pellowe reef is a very exciting dive site! A small isolated reef located close to the edge of the continental shelf. For this reason access to the reef is very weather and tidal dependent. The reef drops away very quickly at places to 30 metres and stronger currents can be present as well.

This site offers divers an exciting wall dive and one great swim through. The majority of the dives will be in depths between 5 to 20 metres. Being closer to the shelf large pelagic fish can be sighted along with the more regular sightings of schools of chevron barracuda, numerous sea cucumbers and nudibranchs.

  • Rating: Novice - Intermediate
  • Moderate Currents
  • Visibility - 15 to 20 metres
  • Depth - 5 to 20 metres

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(Photos courtesy of Scott Eagleton)

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