Mike Ball – 3 night trip (Southbound – Cod Hole Trip)

Mike Ball’s southbound expedition to the Ribbon Reefs departs Cairns at 7:00am on Mondays. After the 7:00am check-in, passengers are transferred via coach to the airport for a low level flight to Lizard Island. The trip returns to Cairns on Thursdays at 8:00am.

This trip reduces sea travel by 250km or 12 hours by including a low-level scenic flight to Lizard Island where you meet up with Spoilsport. The scenic low level reef flight is simply stunning as you glide over the reefs you’ll be diving on at a mere 180m above the water’s surface.

This expedition includes up to 12 dives in total (including two night dives), a low level reef flight, 3 night’s accommodation onboard Spoilsport, chef prepared meals, a glass of wine with dinner each night, daily cabin service and tanks and weights.

Best suited for novice to advanced divers

Trip Itinerary

Monday: Check in and departure. Ribbon reef #10 & #9, Cod hole, Snake Pit & Challenger Bay

  • Monday 7:00am, check in at Mike Ball office (3 Abbott St, Cairns). Transfer to Cairns Airport
  • Spectacular low level 250km reef flight to Lizard Island to board the vessel: ‘Spoilsport’
  • Commence diving approximately 12:30pm
  • Explore the Cod Hole on the northernmost point of Ribbon Reef #10. Have your photo taken with diver sized fish
  • When weather permits, the aptly named Snake Pit delivers an overwhelming abundance of life
  • Challenger bay - shallow but fantastic, extremely rich in biodiversity
Tuesday: Ribbon Reef #9,#5, #4, Lighthouse Bommie, Pixie Pinnacle, Andy’s Postcard, Vertical Gardens
  • Circumnavigate Pixie Pinnacle & Lighthouse Bommie. Minke whales are seen here during the winter
  • Enjoy the best hard corals on the Great Barrier Reef at Acropolis – Mike’s favourite!
  • Rising from 80m the pinnacle of Andy’s Postcard
  • During northerly winds it is sometimes possible to explore the wild side of Ribbon Reef #9 at Vertical Gardens
Wednesday: Ribbon Reef #3, Flare Point & Steve’s Bommie
  • Spiral pristine coral pinnacles teeming with marine life
  • See huge schools of baitfish stalked by barracuda, mackerel and trevally
  • Anticipate spectacular coral gardens, spotted rays, green turtles and reef shark sightings
Thursday: Dock at Marlin Jetty
  • Early morning docking, breakfast, 8:00am courtesy transfers to Cairns City hotels.


  • Flying after diving – we recommend that you allow 24 hours between diving and flying. The last dive
  • of the trip is finished by 5:00pm on Wednesday
  • The above itinerary is subject to change

Extra charges include:

  • Gear hire - AU$132 per person (including a torch and dive computer)
  • Reef taxes - AU$6.50 per person per day
  • Nitrox Fill Package - AU$75

Extra courses (all pay on board)

  • Advanced Course - AU$215 per course
  • Nitrox Course - AU$275 per course
  • U/W Photography - AU$250
  • SDI Solo Diver - AU$220 (inc. pony bottle hire)

Cancellation Policy

  • 30% cancellation fee applies with less than 60 days notice
  • 100% cancellation fee applies with 21 days or less notice

Note - Extreme weather conditions may cause cancellation or adjustment of advertised itinerary.

Book now

Cod Hole Premium Cabin$2,780.00
Extra Charge**$20.00
Total price$2,800.00
Cod Hole Standard Cabin$2,539.00
Extra Charge**$20.00
Total price$2,559.00
Cod Hole Club Cabin$2,249.00
Extra Charge**$20.00
Total price$2,269.00
Cod Hole Budget Cabin$1,939.00
Extra Charge**$20.00
Total price$1,959.00


* Prices valid from 01 April to 31 March

** Extra Charge: This additional fee includes a Government Environmental Management Charge as well as Port Departure Tax and administration costs.

Rates are per person and in Australian Dollars (Currency Converter).


Terms and conditions

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